The economic performance of the company faithfully reflects its continued growth due to continuing recognition by market operators of our technical/management capabilities. This has resulted not only in an increase in direct revenues, but also and above all,in works carried out with the A.T.I. in association with major general contractors of the market which, on the basis of the consolidated relationship of trust that we have built with these parties, has resulted in them entrusting to Costruire s.p.a. the management and implementation of important and complex works, in recognition the aforementioned technical and management competences.

These positive financial results are the result of a careful financial policy that sees us adopting an extremely rigorous selection policy when choosing projects, very often turning down participation in tenders with unfavourable economic results.

These results can not be a coincidence given the particular care and attention that we pay to the design and production of our works, we take care of architectural aspects, energy and insertion into the urban context and landscape, in addition to our adherence to deadlines and care taken during the construction phase.