Structural technology

Structural technologies are required for the purpose of the structural consolidation of underground works, enabling the erection of bulkheads and diaphragms in any kind of terrain.

The technologies most commonly used by Costuire in this regard are:

Diaphragms with hydromills and industrial diggers
– Besides the traditional ‘grab bucket’ technique, this is used for more demanding requirements, such as breaking down materials or containing soil movements or deviations. The digging is carried out through a reverse circulation drill suspended from an excavator with treatment of muddy debris in order to reuse any excavated liquids or fluids.

Cased Secant Piles (CSP)
– In general, this technique is used to produce pile barriers, whose diameter varies between 400 and 1,600 mm, measured with the use of quick-setting mixtures or concrete. This type of wall is made up of poles willing to lower the pitch diameter and is held in two phases: the first phase performs a series of piles (odd series) blocks and willing to double centre distance; in the second stage, there is a series of intermediate piles (even) who come to intersect in piles in the first series and by removing some of these.

Full Displacement Piles (FDP)
– These are piles whose execution requires a minimal soil removal as “displaced” by the use of a special tool.

 • Large diameter piles

• Micropiles

• Anchor braces (including under flap)