Transport Infrastructure

Over the years, we have gained notable experience in the construction industry, particularly in the area of railway infrastructure. To be competitive in this environment, an in-depth knowledge of the various sub-sectors is required. In collaborating with our clients, we are able to combine our market know-how with the latest technology in order to successfully negotiate the most complex of assignments.

We are capable of designing and constructing infrastructure for all types of commercial purposes, regardless of the complexity entailed. We possess the know-how and equipment that enable us to overcome any technical problems or complications.

Costruire has delivered many completed projects in the construction industry during its history. We are equally comfortable and adept at working independently or in conjunction with the A.T.I. as the head of a consortium of companies. Costruire is noted for undertaking projects of varying requirements, including the construction of railway stations, the creation and installation of railway lines and the design and construction of rolling stock maintenance depots.