Naples Metro – Line 1

Line 1 of the Naples metro encircles the city of Naples. The work on this line, due to its vastness and complexity, was designed and built in functional sections; as of today, the work is still in progress.

Line 1 of the Naples metro is currently in operation between Dante and Piscinola, with a total extension of 13,300km. The double-track line runs for 8.5 Km in tunnels and 4.8 Km on viaduct. The development requires complex consolidation work for the protection of surrounding infrastructure, transfer and accommodation of public services and included many urban requalification.

The following stations have been constructed along this line: Vanvitelli, Medaglie d’Oro, Montedonzelli, Rione alto, Policlinico, Colli Aminei, Frullone San Rocco, Chiaiano, Piscinola (including the storage and maintenance depot).

Of significant technological impact is the creation of these works under a head of water up to approximately 30 metres. This has required the adoption of particular technologies, including the freezing of the ground and the adoption of VSM (Vertical Shaft-sinking Machine) technology for implementation of the ventilation shafts, with the safety of workers and surrounding buildings as a priority.

These activities were carried out while ensuring the continued circulation of trains for the duration of the works. To facilitate this, it was necessary to complete certain phases at night. Currently, the Dante – Garibaldi – Centro Direzionale phase is underway with various building sites to be found along this section of the line.