High-speed Train Depot

The N.T.V. company, the new operator of high-speed services on the Italian railway network, commissioned the ‘turnkey’ construction of a maintenance depot for its high-speed trains.

The operation was developed on sites covering a total area of 200,000m2, of which approximately 30,000m2, located at the Campano industrial estate in Nola, was dedicated to fulfilling the following steps:

• Completion of civil works relating to the storage and maintenance areas
_for rolling stock as well as the offices for the depot personnel;

• Installation and control of all necessary support systems within the depot
_(e.g. electrical, heating, refrigeration, plumbing, fire alarm etc … systems);

• Electrification of the rail system (3000 Vcc and 15,000 Vca);

• Design and control of railway infrastructure installations;

• Integration of rail signalling system with RFI equivalent;

• Supervision and control of all Maintenance Depot systems and fittings;

• Completion of design and logistics of access roads;

The greatest challenge of this project was to deliver the work designed and built within a period of 23 months. In particular, given the relatively short timeframe at our disposal, it was vital that we implemented the appropriate management and control structures in order to ensure that we could deliver on our initial project forecasts, both in terms of the expected project duration as well as technological and financial variables. In a period of less than two years, we have brought this project to life, progressing from initial proposals to the final stages of production and implementation, thus showcasing the technical and organisational competencies that render Costruire one of the leaders in this field.