Site navigation data

We inform you that our web servers automatically record certain information relating to electronic devices used by you access, such as the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website from which it originates, the Web pages that you visit on our site, the date and duration of the visit.

IPL addresses

IP address identification is necessary for the management of our website (hereinafter, for brevity, the “Site”), and in particular for the diagnosis and prevention of technical problems, unauthorised intrusions and/or any abuse in the use of the various services offered by the Site. IP addresses are not normally related to personal or identifying information of the person who uses them.


During navigation of our Site, information that allows us to identify your computer or browser using files called “cookies” is also collected. “Cookies” are encrypted strings of text that are stored by a website on the User’s computer in order to allow quick identification. These files allow us to tailor a our Site to provide you with smooth navigation, through quantitative monitoring of access to various web pages, better presentation of the most requested information. As a rule, the cookies we use provide us with anonymous information and, therefore, do not allow the treatment of data concerning the specific User. However, cookies may be used to store your login data and thereafter automatically recognise this data (thus rendering the insertion of User name & password unnecessary). You may always disable cookies by modifying your browser settings but such action may slow down or prevent access to certain parts of the Site.

Please note, however, that in addition to the aforementioned navigation data, we do not collect other personal information, with the exception of those facts that are voluntarily provided by you during registration, research, a survey, for the completion of a contract, etc.