The Group

Costruire is part of a group of companies owned by the Napoli-based Fiore family.

This group of companies has been designed to effectively and efficiently achieve the strategic goal of offering “turnkey” solutions to its customers.

The Group is composed of the following companies:

  • Costruire s.p.a. – General Contractor
  • Icotekne s.p.a. – Specialist in Underground Operations
  • Tecnosistem s.p.a. – Engineering

Each of these Companies is designed to ensure the highest quality and levels of expertise in their field; in order to create a flexible and highly specialized structure that could, if required, operate in synergy with others to ensure cost effectiveness and quality of output, but at the same time also be autonomous and independent in the market in order to ensure organizational flexibility.

Group synergies have allowed us to undertake projects of substantial Technological complexity. Frequently working as head of consortiums with other major Italian contractors has allowed us to develop into a technical and managerial benchmark in the fulfillment of major works in the Italian and overseas construction industries.